Innovative Tissue Processing

A Unique Approach to Facilitating Exceptional Procedures

Our passion for reversing corneal blindness has made KeraLink International a world leader in corneal tissue banking, and it’s our commitment to innovative, quality tissue processing that has allowed us to serve surgeons and their patients across the United States.


Enhancing ease of use, reducing intraoperative risk, and promoting clinical outcomes for each procedure

In addition to offering high-quality tissue prepared for DSEK, we proudly offer prepared tissue for DMEK procedures. Using a modified SCUBA dissection technique, KeraLink provides a pre-cut cornea for DMEK, saving time in the OR, cost of a trephine, and the risks associated with preparing the donor cornea in the OR. With a pre-cut cornea dissected to a center attachment, we are able to provide unique peripheral orientation marks. Advantages of KeraLink International’s DMEK preparation procedure:

  • • Pre-dissected
  • • Pre-cut (custom sized)
  • • Alleviates the risks of dissection and sizing
  • • Saves time in the OR


Promoting the best possible clinical outcome

Every  patient success story  begins with quality tissue and precise processing and continues with a flawless implantation procedure. At KeraLink International, we’re committed to helping surgeons keep up with the latest technology and techniques for delivering optimal outcomes.

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Discover a corneal allograft breakthrough

KeraLink International’s VisionGraft® is the first sterile corneal allograft for use in tectonic procedures, extending the lifespan of corneal tissue and increasing the numbers of patients that benefit.

  • • Increased patient safety
  • • Two year shelf life
  • • Room temperature storage
  • • Ready to use – no rehydration of dilution of toxic storage materials required
  • • Successfully used in more than 20,000 surgeries
  • • Ideal for scheduled and emergency procedures
    • o   Glaucoma tube shunt coverage
    • o   Cornea patch graft
    • o   Keratoprosthesis procedures