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New Name, Same Passion for Vision Restoration


For more than five decades, KeraLink International (formerly known as Tissue Banks International) has been a global leader in corneal transplantation.

KeraLink International continues TBI’s legacy as a nonprofit organization with a singular focus on reversing corneal blindness globally through transplantation. Our mission has never wavered, but our ambition has grown: KeraLink International is proudly committed to dramatically increasing the number of sight-saving procedures performed by 2025.

Our singular focus on reversing corneal blindness wherever it exists has never wavered


What we do is simple: Provide fresh and sterile ocular tissue to surgeons with patients in need. But our mission is much bigger: to reverse corneal blindness globally.

Over the years, we’ve made more than 250,000 transplant surgeries possible. We honor the gift of donation by maximizing the use of the donated tissue for sight-saving transplants and maintaining relationships with donors’ families and cornea recipients. Our commitment is twofold — innovation and service.

Today, we operate seven nonprofit Ocular Centers in the United States. We recover tissue with respect and sensitivity; we process with innovative techniques; and we distribute locally, nationally, and abroad.

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In keeping with our mission, our Operation Eye Rescue® initiative partners with surgeons both in the United States and abroad who selflessly waive their fees to provide corneal transplants to patients in need. We provide the training and all of the administrative support needed to make it happen.

Our efforts are made possible by the generosity of not only our partner surgeons but supporters like you, who sponsor the direct acquisition and procuring costs of the transplant tissue.

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