Operation Eye Rescue®

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Restoring vision around the world


About 12 million people suffer from corneal blindness worldwide — equivalent to the entire population of Paris. In many developing countries, the Chain of Sight is broken by a lack of resources, funding, and expertise.

However, corneal blindness is treatable. Operation Eye Rescue® is leading the effort to restore sight to individuals across the globe.

Making corneal transplants accessible

Operation Eye Rescue® provides sight to the corneally blind who otherwise could not afford the operation. We facilitate these transplants both in the United States and abroad, and your donation makes this possible. The process begins with contributors who fund the direct cost of tissue processing for one or more operations. Then, we connect with surgeons willing to donate their services and cover all tissue processing and administrative services necessary to achieve a successful transplant.  




A sustainable mission

Many surgeons who participate in Operation Eye Rescue® are American ophthalmologists performing mission work abroad. Your donation advances the impact they can make, while also providing invaluable training for local clinicians who will continue combating corneal blindness.

When surgeons, volunteers, and compassionate individuals like yourself complete the Chain of Sight, the corneally blind can see again, and our mission can be sustained for years to come.


Your donation


100% of your tax-deductible donation will be applied to the expenses of corneal transplantation.

Your donation will directly contribute to at least one corneally blind person’s ability to see. For each patient, you’ll receive:

  • • The surgeon's report
  • • The patient's biography and photo
  • • A thank you letter from the patient, when possible


“For me, knowing I have helped transform just one life is huge. Together, with KeraLink International’s support,

you and I will touch and change the lives of thousands.”       

—Traudy Grande, CFP-Chair, Operation Eye Rescue