Stories of Hope

Celebrating the Humanity Behind
Corneal Transplantation


At KeraLink International, our mission transcends science. We celebrate the individuals who make up the donor circle — from the selflessness of tissue donors to the gratefulness of transplant recipients. We strive to foster a strong sense of community where compassionate individuals are driven to help one another live their lives to the fullest.

Meet the corneal tissue donors who make
our mission possible


Tissue donors give others a chance to see and interact with the world. But their own stories are just as meaningful. Get to know Alan James Champagne and Sandra Priscilla Crespo, two people who shared the gift of sight with someone in need.

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Meet the transplant recipients whose lives will never
be the same


A corneal transplant is a physical and emotional transformation. After their procedure, many tissue recipients see the world in vivid detail for the first time in years — or for the first time ever. The profound gratitude felt by recipients like Alejandro Ortiz and Makisha Odom is matched only by their appreciation for the world around them.

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