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Make a Contribution to Fight Corneal Blindness

Reversing corneal blindness around the world is a daunting task. With more than 12 million people suffering from the condition, there’s a lot of work to be done — and we can’t do it without your generosity.

We already know how to make the corneally blind see, but corneal blindness isn’t going away overnight. It will take targeted resources, innovative research, strategic partnerships, and public health advancements to overcome the barriers to universal treatment. You can help us do that.

At KeraLink International, we’ve been working to reverse corneal blindness for a long time, and we know from experience that any contribution is a powerful contribution.

Safe, secure, and tax deductible

Making a contribution to KeraLink International’s mission to end corneal blindness is tax deductible. Your credit card information will be kept safe and secure. Thank you!


Contribute to the fight against corneal blindness